TMH Iced Coffee

I have been making this TMH Iced Coffee since I was a teenager.  Seriously. I kid you not.

Whenever I go out and order an iced coffee, I am always disappointed. Always.  This is because it just doesn’t compare to my TMH Iced Coffee and it has cost me more money than I think they should cost (especially if they have been stingey with the ice-cream).

TMH Iced Coffee

My recipe for iced coffee comes with variations.  Let me explain:

One of my teenage daughters now indulges with me in what has become an iced coffee ritual in our house. I do let her have coffee but if it’s an after school treat, later in the day, then I substitute decaffinated coffee and she is none the wiser. (Shh!)

If I am enjoying an “adult” iced coffee with a friend (okay, yes I have been known to drink this one alone too…) I will add a splash of Kahlua to a shot of espresso coffee in the recipe.  This version, my friends, is the ultimate TMH Iced Coffee for adults. It doesn’t get any better than this.

There is something very important that I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned to you yet. It’s the vessel in which the TMH Iced Coffee must be made in and consumed from.  I have to have mine in the large size Tupperware Quick Shake container.  Get rid of the lid and that awkward round shaker insert.  The large container is the perfect size for mine and I use the small one for my daughter. If you don’t own one of these, go immediately to your local Tupperware representative (or try the Op Shop!).

Once your TMH Iced Coffee has been made, whichever version your prefer, sit back, relax and be amused when your Tupperware container gets stuck to the coaster from condensation. Gets me every time.

Let me know if you make this recipe….I’m pretty confident it can’t be improved on. 😉

TMH Iced Coffee

TMH Iced Coffee


  • One Tupperware Quick Shake container (just kidding - use your favourite glass...around 500ml)
  • Coffee: Either 2 tsp instant coffee + 2 Tbsp boiling water
  • OR 2 shots of espresso coffee
  • 2 ice cubes
  • Milk (whatever type of milk you drink - I prefer Light Milk)
  • Kahlua - optional
  • 2 - 3 generous scoops vanilla ice-cream


  1. Boil the kettle while you find the Tupperware Quick Shake container and discard the lid and shaker insert thingy.
  2. Measure out instant coffee (Can substitute espresso coffee here).
  3. Add 2 Tbsp boiling water (if using instant coffee).
  4. Add ice cubes.
  5. Pour milk over ice cubes until container is 3/4 full
  6. (Add a decent swig of Kahlua here if you are making the deluxe adult version).
  7. Add vanilla ice-cream.
  8. You will need a straw and a long handled spoon to complete the situation.
  9. Sit down and relax - use a coaster.....I dare you!


Decaffinated version: Substitute decaffinated instant coffee or use decaffinated espresso coffee shot. Iced Chocolate version: Substitute drinking chocolate for the instant coffee.

Trina xx

“Little Pretty Things” by Lori Rader-Day

I have just finished “Little Pretty Things” by Lori Rader-Day. I was at our local library a few weeks ago (yes, it takes me a while to read a book – not enough hours in my day) and I decided I’d just wing my next read.  Scouring the shelves for the one that would pop out at me. “Little Pretty Things” caught my eye and my interest.  This might be a good read! Was it?

Little Pretty Things book review

Absolutely!  I got sucked in to this book and had to know how it would unfold.

“Little Pretty Things” by Lori Rader-Day is about a girl called Juliet (I say “girl” but she’s actually a 28 year old woman) who hasn’t done much with her life since high school.  Juliet cleans rooms at the Mid-Night Inn and still lives with her mother. Back in the good ol’ days, Juliet was on the high school track team, her life devoted to running.  Well, not just running, competing. Her rival and best friend, Maddy, always won and Juliet could never keep up with her. Both in running and in life.

After high school, Maddy moved away and the girls lost touch, until one night, Maddy comes to stay at Juliet’s cheap motel. She arrives looking like she’s got it all.  A beautiful coat and a huge engagement ring. Things that Juliet can’t afford or have. Looks like Maddy has topped her yet again.  The girls catch up at the bar. It’s an opportunity to remember the old days.  Try to rekindle their friendship.

But that night at the Mid-Night Inn there is a murder.  Juliet was there.  Her fingerprints are all over that place. Did she do it?

I like this book because it has lots of twists and turns and just when you think you understand Juliet, she does something silly.  She gets involved in the investigation of Maddy’s murder, determined to clear her name and find out who did it. Who was Maddy these days? What was her story?

This book is a little bit like “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn, but tamer. If you liked “Gone Girl”, you will like “Little Pretty Things” by Lori Rader-Day.

Let me know if you read it and what you think.

Trina xx

TMH Broccoli and Apple Salad

I’ve been at it again: I have developed another exclusive TMH recipe for you! Enter the TMH Broccoli and Apple Salad.

Every summer I endeavour to make the ultimate broccoli salad. I have tried quite a few variations and finally I think I’ve arrived at the ultimate recipe.

Apple is broccoli’s best friend… is bacon!  I don’t always make this salad with bacon, but always, always with the apple.

TMH Broccoli and Apple Salad

TMH Broccoli and Apple Salad

You could make your own mayonnaise but I'm all about making life easy so I use the bought stuff.


  • 2 heads fresh broccoli (not frozen)
  • 3 rashers bacon
  • 1 cup tasty cheese, grated
  • 1 apple (any type), cored and finely diced
  • 1/4 cup whole egg mayonnaise (bought)
  • 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 clove garlic, minced,
  • salt, pepper


  1. Dice the bacon and cook to desired crispness. Drain on paper towel.
  2. Chop broccoli florets into small pieces (and any other veggies you want to add).
  3. Combine in a salad bowl with bacon, apple and cheese.
  1. In a small bowl whisk dressing ingredients and pour over broccoli mixture. Toss to coat.
  2. Cover and refrigerate until serving.

This recipe is super easy and can be prepared ahead of time (the day before) or just prior to serving.  It’s actually better if left to sit in the fridge overnight, but I’m not always that organised.

Your friends will all ask you for this recipe when you take it to your next BBQ lunch or dinner (so print them out a copy before you leave home). It’s something just a little bit different and the flavours are amazing.

You know broccoli is a superfood, and in this TMH Broccoli and Apple Salad none of the nutrients are lost in the cooking process (because you eat it raw). When I made it this time I added in raw sliced green beans but that was just because we have them growing in our veggie patch at the moment. I love to use our own home-grown veggies where I can.

Other veggies such as baby spinach or red onion could be added but this salad doesn’t need any jazzing up really. Although, after saying that, chopped almonds on top are a delicious touch!

Even though March is here already, the weather is still summery. Salad season hasn’t left us yet! You still have time to sneak in this little beauty.

Make the TMH Broccoli and Apple Salad this weekend and impress your family and friends. It will become a regular on your list of possible salad options.

Trina xx


The Whack-It-In-Together Naughty Girl Slice

The Whack-It-In Together Naughty Girl Slice is famous in my neck of the woods (we lovingly refer to it as “The Naughty Girl Slice”). I was first given this slice recipe about 20 years ago by a friend who was a Uni Student at the time. I still have the original piece of paper she wrote it on for me.

I have been making the Whack-It-In Together Naughty Girl Slice since that day.  Every time I take it somewhere I get asked for the recipe and I am very happy to share it around (because my friend so generously shared it with me).  This recipe was even published in my church’s “Make’n’Take” recipe book because it’s ideal for “bring a plate” occasions….which is why I am making it today. In fact, I’m making two of them: one to take out and one for us to eat at home.

Naughty girl slice

It is a bit naughty though.  It’s got a tin of sweetened condensed milk in it as well as butter and brown sugar! So let’s just say we get a decent dose of dairy and energy from this slice. This slice doesn’t last long in the house.  It gets eaten so fast. It’s redeeming quality is that it is really quick and easy to make and so so delicious. Really delicious.

The Whack-It-In-Together Naughty Girl Slice

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

40 minutes

The Whack-It-In-Together Naughty Girl Slice


  • 1 cup self raising flour
  • ½ cup desiccated coconut
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 2 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 125g butter, melted
  • 400g tin sweetened condensed milk
  • Choc bits for topping


  1. Grease 19x29cm slice pan with margarine or butter.
  2. Combine all ingredients (except Choc Bits) and mix well.
  3. Pour into slice tray. Sprinkle with Choc Bits on top.
  4. Bake in oven at 180°C for first 7 minutes, then turn oven down to 165°C for the next 20-25 minutes, or until slice is cooked.
  5. Remove from oven and allow to cool in pan before cutting and serving.
  6. Store in an airtight container.

Although I have made this recipe countless times, I have never been able to improve on it.  I still make the original recipe as far as the ingredients go.  The only thing I have fiddled with is the oven temperature. I found that turning the oven down after around seven minutes helps to create that fudgy consistency we are all after. Yes, that’s right, it’s fudgy! See how fudgy it is:

Fudgy naughty girl slice

So you really must make this one. I insist.

Trina xx

Craft Room Storage

Today I thought I would share my craft room storage ideas with you. I really enjoy making cards and over the years I have collected many bits and pieces that I “really needed” for my craft!

In order to get the best use out of my craft stuff I need to store it well.  I need to be able to find what I need easily or I simply wouldn’t use it because it would be too time consuming searching for things.

Another reason to keep my craft supplies well organised is so that when I go off to Craft Camp I can easily pack it up and use it when I get there.

My storage also needs to be inexpensive.  The craft supplies themselves cost money and although I do spend some money on craft storage, I really try to keep the costs down.

So here are a few ideas that I use for my craft supplies I thought you might like to use for yours too.

This is my craft cupboard.  I try to limit my supplies to this cupboard, but I must admit that there is a slight overflow! I won’t show you that bit!

Closed craft cupboard

I didn’t sort out my cupboard or clean it up for you, this is honestly how it looks.  I realise that I could do better.  I probably should go through it and make it neater, and one day I will get around to doing that. Maybe I’ll give you an updated tidy version of craft room storage when that happens. Stay tuned!

Inside craft cupboard


I keep my spools of ribbons in a tub (top shelf of the cupboard) but I do have lots of little lengths of ribbon.  To keep it organised and tangle-free I use this storage container.  You can purchase these at most department stores or discount shops (I think I got mine from Kmart).  You could also use a fishing tackle container that is usually used for lures and hooks, etc. I wind each ribbon on a piece of cardboard that I cut to fit the storage box compartments.

Ribbon storage container

Ink Pads

I don’t have a huge number of ink pads so I store them in this little tub.  This tub comes from The Reject Shop.  I like it because it closes well and has handles.  The handles are good when I am packing my craft stuff up to take to Craft Camp. I  have second one of these for my punches.

Ink pad storage


This expandable file is fantastic for some of my papers and is really handy if I am going to a friend’s house to make a few cards, but it isn’t big enough to fit all my papers in. Storing the rest of my papers is quite challenging. In the past I have bought paper sets that have come in square boxes or clear plastic boxes.  Keep these boxes to keep your papers in.  They are already the perfect size and are very handy for transporting paper. I stack them up in my craft cupboard.  This is not ideal and it can be a pain to drag them out and sort through to use them.  I am working on a better way to store my paper.  Do you have any tips for me?

Paper storage


Bits and Bobs

I have a lot of smaller bits and pieces, like small scissors, bone folder, tiny stamps, tape, clear stamp blocks,  glue etc.  These things are kept in my little set of plastic drawers on a shelf of my cupboard.  Very handy for easy access because I use these items regularly. I think I bought this little set of drawers from Kmart or The Reject Shop. Other bits and bobs are kept in used chocolate boxes. I find that chocolate boxes are good because they are a good size for small papers and stickers.


I don’t have lots of buttons, but I do like to use them on my cards sometimes. I keep mine in these clear plastic cylinders.  I’m pretty sure I bought them at Kmart or Spotlight. I like to sort my buttons and brads into colours and this makes finding the right one quicker. I highly recommend this method of button storage.

Button storage

Clear Stamps

Clear stamps are usually found in a card-makers stash. I like to keep mine in a display book.  Although this makes the folder very thick, it’s really easy to see what is there and keep them all together. It is also really easy to transport them this way. These display books can be purchased in any store with a stationary section and are really cheap.

Clear stamp folder

Clear stamp folder open


When I pack up lots of my craft supplies to take to Craft Camp, I use this man’s tool box thing.  A few of my friends and I bought these in the early days (most of our craft stuff used to fit in here – Ha! Not anymore!).  I still use this thing each year.  The top section comes off so it fits well in the car and when we arrive at camp I can clip the top onto the bottom and wheel it in to where I need to go. At my craft table at camp, I usually separate the top and bottom again and use my craft supplies straight out of here.  It works really well.

Craft toolbox

What are your craft room storage tips?  Have you got any good ideas that I could use?

Trina xx