Advent wreath Each Christmas I love to make an Advent wreath for the centre of our kitchen table. I like to include four candles on the outside and a fifth central candle. The order and names of the outside candles vary between churches, but I have them representing hope, love, joy and peace. The central candle represents Christ. The candles are on a wreath of evergreen, symbolising the eternity of God. One candle is lit each Sunday in Advent as we prepare for Christmas (over the course of four weeks). The central Christ candle is lit either Christmas eve or Christmas day, reminding us that Jesus is the light of the world.

How to make your Advent wreath

I always use a platter or large tray to hold the wreath. Sometimes I use foliage from the garden to make up the wreath. In the wreath pictured (the one I made last Advent) I actually used a furry kind of wool. This was quite effective and I inserted little gum nuts, fake cherries and pinecone things among the wool to make it look more natural.

Next comes something to hold the candles.  I used little teacups last time (just the right size for my candles) but little jars or other candle holders work well. In the past I have used thick stumpy candles that haven’t needed a holder. The candles I used last year happened to be red but I think they should be purple really. ☺ The central Christ candle can be bigger or set up higher than the others. I like this candle to be white, pure like Jesus. Last year I made cute little tags for each outside candle but I don’t always do this.

This is a great activity to make with your children as your home and family prepares for Christmas. Each week everyone looks forward to lighting the new candle (as well as lighting the previous weeks’ candles) and talking about the theme for that week. You can find lots of great family devotions and Bible readings on the internet to suit your family and age of children.  I tend to use something different each year. Your church may even produce some material you can use.

Make your Advent wreath a beautiful,  meaningful Christmas decoration for your family this year.

Trina xx

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Advent wreath – Christmas!
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