You are going to think I’m strange today but lately we’ve been loving baby food meals. Some people go “Paleo”, others go “Vegan”…..we’ve gone “Baby Food”! My children are no longer babies.  They are teenagers! However, I have a baby niece and she is loving her baby food.  She is now 11 months old and has moved on to the family meals category. The recipes for her meals are simple yet very nutritious so I’ve been making them for my family too (obviously we have moved past purees!). The recipes I have tried so far have received rave reviews at our house. So no matter what age and stage your kids are at, they might like to go “Baby Food” too once they try some of these delicious meals.

I know there are some great recipe books and websites out there and sometimes we need some recommendations to help us choose which ones to try next. Here are two great books and websites that you might like to explore (recommended by mums of actual babies):

Food Babies Love

One Handed Cooks

Both of these websites have brilliant baby food & family food recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious to eat.  Whatever stage your family is at, there is bound to be something here that they will like.

I am not sponsored by these links but I’m just simply sharing with you what I have been exploring and cooking lately.

From the website and book “Food Babies Love” here is a list with links of the family meals we have tried (and recommend!) over the last two weeks:

Chicken couscous So good the kids took it for lunch at school the next day.

Broccoli soup with extra oomph Tasted great with some crusty bread.

Sticky chicken with barley You could substitute brown rice if barley isn’t your thing. Here it is in all its glory:

Sticky chicken with barley

Tuna pasta This was a bit like a pasta carbonara. Really yummy!

Tuna pasta

We also had “Greek Lamb Casserole” which I don’t have a link for, but it’s in the book. It had a beautiful flavour.  I cooked it in the oven instead of on the stove.

Other recipes I want to try from this one are:

Tomato soup

Cheats hot cross buns

Banana blueberry oatmeal slice

From the website and book “One Handed Cooks” we have tried the:

Crumbed tuna and vegetable patties I baked these in the oven instead of pan frying as the recipe states. They held their shape beautifully in the oven.

and there are many more from this one on my list to try!

OMG Potato bake

Popcorn chicken

Baked chicken and veggie rice

One pot chicken and basil pasta

Look out family, I’m just getting started.

Check them out, have some fun and let me know which ones you try.

Trina xx

P.S. Sorry I didn’t get photos of all the Baby Food meals we have tried.  I didn’t decide to write this blog post until we had already chowed down a few good Baby Food dinners!




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