Have you ever wondered how to get chewing gum off clothes? Today I wondered this! This afternoon one of my daughters came home from school with chewing gum on her school sports shorts. She had sat in it on the train during a school excursion.  Then she tied her school jacket around her waist and sat in it again so it was also on that (great…).

Chewing gum on school shorts

Jacket with chewing gum

Once I had been presented with my latest cleaning assignment,  I started doing some research. I remembered hearing that ice can help get chewing gum off clothes but I didn’t know what to do with it.  Do I rub it on? Leave overnight? Combine with anything?

I turned to Pinterest (my favourite resource) and did a quick search. Within moments I had found what I was looking for.  Yes, you use an ice cube.

Let the ice cube sit on the chewing gum for a minute or so, causing the gum to freeze. Then, in theory,  you simply scratch off the gum with a butter knife (obviously being careful not to damage the fabric ). I was dubious. It all sounded a bit too easy.

Nevertheless I was going to give it a try.


The ice cube did indeed freeze the chewing gum on the clothes after only about 30 seconds I reckon.

Ice cube for chewing gum

Then I started started scratching with my butter knife. Some bits came off easily and some bits needed some more forceful scratching with my fingernail. It did flake off after a bit of scratching.

Butter knife for chewing gum

The jacket is made of smooth raincoat material so the chewing gum came off easily, while the sports shorts are textured. This was more of a challenge.

Chewing gum on textured fsbric

I had to scratch a bit with my nails, a bit with the knife, then reapply the ice and repeat the scratching. I did this a couple of times and it worked!  All the chewing gum came out of the shorts too! I could then just chuck them in the washing machine and the job was done.

Chewing gum off clothes

Has this method worked for you? Do you have a better way of getting chewing gum off clothes?

Trina xxx

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Chewing gum off clothes
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