If you are a list-maker like me then this is the blog post for you!  I have made up some Christmas lists here for you to print out and use this year.

These lists are very simple and hopefully you will find them easy to use.  You may not need all the pages I have included here.  Feel free to just print out the ones relevant to how you do things. You can even print out multiples if you run out of space on the first page.

With December being so crazy busy, I have included this calendar page for you to fill in and put on the fridge. ¬†This will allow all your family members to add to it and see what’s happening each day of December. Hopefully this will keep your family more organised and “on the same page” ūüėÄ


Of course you will want to make sure you have your Christmas shopping done. ¬†Next is a gift list. ¬†This is an idea I have mentioned before in my post called “The present cupboard”. If you fill in this list and keep it, you will be able to check and see if you have given that gift or something similar to that person before. Very handy! It’s this page that you might want to print multiples of if you buy for lots of people or if each person in your family gets lots of gifts!


Now for the food. ¬†This is really important. In this house we like to bake goodies and treats during the month of December to have on hand when people come over or if we are going to visit friends……or if we are just staying home and get peckish. This list is also a good one to keep for future years. ¬†You can note down the recipes you use and which recipe book it came from (include page number) or website.

The food for Christmas Day requires a page of it’s own. If you don’t like to bake much during December then you could just print out the Christmas Day page. I have included a DATE column here because sometimes I like to prepare food ahead of time for Christmas Day. ¬†I might bake something and freeze it or make something a couple days before. This column will help you to see exactly what needs to be made and when.


Lastly, I have included a list for Christmas cards and¬†messages. ¬†Christmas cards are so special and I love receiving them and having them around the house. ¬†I am not good at sending them anymore though! ¬†Over the last few years I have been sending a brief update of what’s been happening over the year with our family and adding on a Christmas message, sending it all via email. ¬†There are only a few I still snail mail out. I still require a list for this though!


Do you have any different lists you like to make for Christmas?

I hope you find some of these lists helpful as you plan your Christmas this year.

Trina xx


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