At our house we love coconut milk icy-poles (they taste like “Smooze” icy-poles). They taste delicious and are good for you! They are also cheap to make compared to the bought version (and you know what’s in them).

I have been  making them for the last couple of summers and this year I have just made my first batch of the season – the freezer is stocked and ready! These “Smooze” -ish coconut milk icy-poles hit the spot straight after school and work on a hot day.  They are just what we feel like. I have made heaps this year because they never last long around here!

The thing I love about this “recipe” (it’s not really a recipe…..) is how simple it is and how veratile it is.

Here are the ingredients:

  • coconut milk (I use tinned)
  • fresh or frozen fruit of choice (eg, fresh banana, fresh strawberry, pineapple, fresh/frozen mango, fresh/frozen berry)

All you do is put the ingredients in a blender, then pour into icy-pole molds and put in the freezer for at least 4 hours (or overnight). The ratio of fruit to coconut milk is really up to you.  For example, I made a batch yesterday with 400ml coconut milk and one large banana. And I would use a generous handful of frozen berries for every 400ml of coconut milk.

You can add dessicated coconut if you like your icy-poles with texture and extra coconut-iness.

Choc/coconut is also an option if you add cocoa (instead of fruit), but I would add some sweetener such as honey or sugar to taste if you do this.

I don’t add sugar to my fruit coconut milk icy-poles because we don’t like them to be overly sweet, but if you would prefer to add sugar or honey then go for it. Just make sure you whizz it up well in the blender to dissolve it into the mixture.

Here is our raspberry version.

Coconut milk icy-poles

Let me know how you go with these.  I know you’re going to love them. What flavours did you make?

Trina xx

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Coconut milk icy-poles
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