In my opinion, we all need a Craft Camp.

Once every August, a handful of my friends and I pack up cars (sometimes add trailers and leave behind nervous husbands!) full of craft stuff, our comfiest clothes and the odd bottle of wine.  We head off to Anglesea for the weekend, which is near the beach – always a windy beach. Once we get to Anglesea, we head to a place called Araluen, which is a Lutheran camp.  We share dorm rooms with bunk beds and ensuites.  The  main hall comes complete with a fireplace and old, worn, easy to sit in couches….and lots of tables.  We set up the trestle tables in a big “U” shape so that we can all see each other (there is usually around 20 of us). Then we get out our craft stuff and get busy doing anything we like. People come along to read their favourite book by the fire, or knit or do quilting, scrapbooking, cross-stitch or make cards (I make cards).

Craft Camp

But I haven’t got to the best part yet: the food.  Actually, it’s that we don’t have to cook the food! There is a gorgeous lady who comes and cooks us breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.  I KNOW!! We absolutely love the food and appreciate just turning up for meals and enjoying what she has cooked us. Then whoever is on duty will put the dishes in the dishwasher and we get back to crafting, talking, snacking, laughing, and enjoying.

My craft spot

On Saturday morning we get some exercise and walk to the local shops to check out the Op Shop bargains there (and stock up on snacks at the Supermarket 🙂 ). Some people do actually go for a walk along the beach, but keep in mind that it’s August and very cold and windy….so I don’t!

This weekend sounds amazing doesn’t it??  Because it really is!

We go home at the end of our weekend feeling tired (because we stayed up too late talking and laughing), but very happy and even have a few crafty things to show for it (and been inspired by what the others were doing).

You might not like craft, but I’m sure you like your friends, and you like food and you like to go away on holidays don’t you? Well, you need to create your own version of my Craft Camp!

Everyone needs this!

Tell us in the comments if you have your own version of my Craft Camp already…..or if you are now inspired to gather your friends together and start up a new tradition.

Trina xx


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Craft Camp
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