I found an incredible spin on the old Chocolate Crackle slice, it’s this Crispy Date and Choc Chip Slice recipe!

Trish, from the Cadbury Kitchen in Australia, made this recipe on “Everyday Gourmet” with Justine Schofield on tv one day when I happened to be watching.  I raced into the study and turned on my computer so that I could look it up and print it out.

It can be found over here on the Cadbury website, or over here on the Everyday Gourmet website.

You can even watch Justine and Trish make it here on YouTube.

It took me a few weeks to get around to making this Crispy Date and Choc Chip Slice, but now it’s a family favourite.  I served it for morning tea when I had the ladies from church around here last week and was asked for the recipe, so here it is ladies!!

Crispy date and choc chip slice

I do find myself daydreaming about working in the Cadbury Kitchen alongside Trish McKenzie,  I must admit. What a job!!  The ultimate would be to then cook the recipes with Justine and hear her say “What I like to do…” in the flesh!!

Until then, I’ll just make the recipes at home and say “What I like to do…” as I cook to whoever is here.

This recipe is fast to make, good for the summer because it doesn’t require the oven, just the fridge. The dates taste really delicious and gooey in this slice and it doesn’t have a strong “date” taste. Those of you who like a good sticky date – this one’s for you!

Give this recipe a go and let me know what you think! I know your kids will love it and you must promise to make sure you melt the chocolate over the top.  You can’t skip that last step! It’s very important.

Trina xx

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Crispy Date and Choc Chip Slice recipe
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