My brother and his wife recently had their first baby so I wanted to give them a crocheted baby blanket when the baby was born.  We didn’t know if they were having a boy or a girl, so the blanket needed to be neutral colours.

Crocheted baby blanket gift

When I started my search for the perfects pattern for the crocheted baby blanket, I had a very strict criteria. I wanted a pattern that worked in a cirular fashion (like Granny Squares), instead of row by row because I wasn’t sure exactly how big to make it (and I hate counting stitches!). The other factor to consider was that I wanted an interesting stitch, not too boring, yet not too difficult for me.  This shell pattern seemed perfect.

Shell crocheted baby blanket

The great thing about this shell crocheted baby blanket pattern is that whenever you decide that this will be the final round, you can change the colour of the yarn and you automatically make a scalloped edge as you crochet the final round.  It’s pretty clever! Saves learning an edging stitch and because it’s just more shells, it matches in beautifully with the rest of the blanket.

To learn how to make this beautiful crocheted baby blanket, I watched this Youtube clip.  While watching this, I paused it and quickly noted down the stiches so that I could get a feel for the pattern of stitches and be quickly reminded whenever I picked it up to crochet more. Basically, there are two basic rounds: a framework round, followed by a shell round.  Both of these rounds are repeated alternately and the blanket quickly gets bigger and bigger. The final round is a shell round.

Hot Tip:

You can keep going and make a huge blanket for your bed or for the couch.  This doesn’t have to be a baby blanket necessarily.  You can make it as big as you like.

Note: I made the little flower separately and sewed it on once the baby was born and we were told that we had a little neice!  I would have left the flower off if the baby had been a boy. Here is how to make the flower.

Crocheted flower

If you give this pattern a go, let me know!  I’d love to see your end product.

Trina xx

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Crocheted baby blanket
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