Easter egg tombThis Easter egg tomb has been the centrepiece of our Easter table (or on the bench) for years now. It’s a great reminder of the real reason we are celebrating to all who visit your home over Easter. You can even take all the bits and pieces with you if you are going away and assemble it when you get there.

How to make the Easter egg tomb

You will need a cake stand or a plate. I love using a cake stand because it sets the display up higher than food and plates and other bits and pieces on the table.

Use a large size Easter egg and carefully cut the top off as though you were cutting the head off your egg for breakfast.

Keep the top of the Easter egg and melt it in the microwave. This is your “glue”.

Place a blob of “glue” onto the plate and stick your Easter egg in the lying down position. Hold in place for a few seconds until the “glue” starts to set.

Take a chocolate coated biscuit (I like to use either Mint Slice biscuits or Caramel Crown biscuits) and use your “glue” to stick the biscuit partly covering the entrance to the tomb (like in the photo above). I like to place a little blob onto one edge of the egg entrance and another blob on the plate. Again hold in place until the chocolate sets a bit.

Sprinkle a couple tablespoons of Milo, Aktavite, cocoa or drinking chocolate around the tomb to look like dirt.

Then I add some greenery from the garden to make it look like the tomb is in a garden. Little flowers scattered around look amazing.

Place in the centre of your kitchen table and enjoy a very special, meaningful Easter! (And when Easter is over you can eat it! Yum!)

You can read about Easter over here.

Trina xx

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Easter egg tomb
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