I just finished reading “Flesh Wounds” by Richard Glover. ┬áThis was a really good book!

Richard Glover is an Australian author, columnist and radio broadcaster. He really knows how to tell a story in a very funny and very Aussie way! This is his memoir, but its main focus is his relationship with his parents.  Richard grew up in a very dysfunctional family. He was essentially fed a string of lies by his mother in regard to her life and who she really is. Richard always knew she was peculiar, but only found out later in life that there was much more to her history than she ever let on. He has quite a task ahead of him as he delves into her past.

Richard Glover Flesh Wounds

Richard’s father gives him grief too, but in a different way. His father’s lifestyle is very trying for both Richard and the women in his father’s life.

I don’t want to give too much away in this post because it’s good to read this book without knowing it all. If you read this book, you will encounter grief, frustration, love, humilation, embarassment and lots and lots of laughs.

Everyone has interesting characters in their family and Richard turns this into a dinner party game he calls “Who has the weirdest parents?”. ┬áThis is really funny but there is also an underlying sadness in it.Flesh Wounds

I didn’t know that Richard Glover┬áis┬ámarried to playwright and screenwriter, Debra Oswald (the popular Australian TV show “Offspring”). ┬áTheir marriage is a wonderful example of forever love, best friends, patience, respect and shared humour. I really enjoyed their banter and the love and support they gave one another throughout this book. It was so good to know that Richard was married to such a special woman after having such an unstable and unhealthy upbringing.


This story about discovering family history, wading through lies, searching for acceptance and finding peace is a really great read. ┬áI would recommend this book to anyone who has parents or grew up in a family (that would be you!)….especially if you are an only child.

Trina xx

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“Flesh Wounds” by Richard Glover – book review
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