I really need some good freezer hacks. Wouldn’t you think that the person writing this blog would have that area of her life sorted?  No, she doesn’t I’m afraid. My freezer has been in a constant state of “what’s in there?” for…..forever. In my post about how I meal plan (you can read it over here), I mention that I do a freezer inventory before I plan my meals. This helps me to use what I have in the freezer instead of buying more meat when I may already have something that needs to be used up.

Freezer meat drawer

When I take my freezer inventory, it involves me standing with the freezer door wide open while I jot down on my page each meat item and roughly where it is in the freezer. This wastes precious energy as I stand with the freezer door open, but once it’s done, I can plan my meals for the week and I know exactly what I have stashed away. Lately though, I have been thinking that there must be a better way to keep track of what is in my freezer.

Freezer contents

I needed something that I could just constantly update when I use something up or put something new in. This would save me standing with the door open while I write it down each week. An app.  That’s what I need!

Well, I searched and tried a few apps that I thought would be good.  It took a while for me to find one that I’m happy with, but I did find one! The app is called “Items In My Freezer” (android).  I’m sure there is the same one available for you apple people out there. (No, this post is NOT sponsored by an app.  I just like it and decided to share it with you.)

Freezer App

Basically, this app is really simple to use and update.  You can customise it to suit your freezer shelves and compartments because you get to name the shelves.  I have included the freezer at the bottom of my fridge by simply naming the shelves “under fridge – top shelf”, etc. The app allows you to input the name of the item and also include it’s weight (I use this box to note how many of this item there are on that shelf). When you use something from the freezer you just go into the app, select the item on the shelf and delete it.  To add items you just put the item details in and assign it to whichever shelf you like.

Here is a screenshot of mine:

Items in my Freezer App

Note that I don’t list every single item in my freezer.  I just note down the main things that are in there to use for meals or for when unexpected guests arrive. In time I may add in more items but for now this is how I use the app.

Confession Time!

Of course other freezer hacks like labeling meals, storing food flat in ziplock bags, using ice cube trays for lemon juice or herbs in oil or butter are all great ideas and I wish I used these hacks all the time.  But I don’t. I do sometimes use the lemon juice in ice cube trays one, but labeling freezer items is not my strong point! I just assume I will remember (it’s obvious that there is pasta bake in that container, isn’t it?). No, it’s not usually obvious two months later. I have been known to thaw out “meatloaf” for guests, even reheat it in the oven and go to serve it with vegetables, only to discover as I removed the layers of foil that it was actually a fruit cake cooked in the loaf tin I also use for meatloaf! Label Trina, label!

For example, I assume this is pastry?  Who knows!

Is this pastry?

What on earth is this??!!

What is this?

Anyway, if you also struggle to remember what is in your freezer, check out this great app or try a different one (there are heaps of them out there). Also, if you have any amazing freezer hacks, I’d love to hear them! I need them!

Trina xx

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