Hello friends!  Today I thought we’d talk handbag hacks.  I know you don’t want me to meticulously take out everything from my handbag and give a running commentary about each item. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, I thought we’d talk about some of the criteria for selecting the ultimate handbag and also some handbag hacks to make your bag more organised and space efficient (and makes life easier – bonus).

The ultimate everyday handbag

My current everyday handbag is probably the best bag I have ever had. When I go handbag shopping I don’t care about the brand, as long as it satisfies all of my strict criteria:

  • good colour (neutral but not too “old lady”)
  • zip closure for main compartment
  • two outside pockets (one for phone, one for keys + trolley coin)
  • one zipped inside pocket + 2 small open pockets (this is rare)
  • sturdy handles (my bag is heavy!)
  • good size but not too big (or I’m tempted to put more in it)

The two outside pockets

When I hold my bag over my shoulder, the outside pocket on the side of the bag against my body is the one that holds my mobile phone. This is so that if the phone rings or gets a text message while I am out and about, I am likely to feel it vibrate and not miss a call if I don’t hear it ring. It is also very quick to grab my phone when it rings and I’m not fumbling around in my bag looking for it.

One zipped inside pocket

This pocket in a handbag is usually fairly small.  It is amazing what I can fit into this pocket! I always keep a pen, nail file and hairpins in there. The main item I squeeze into the internal zipped pocket, though, is this weird little purse thing from when my kids were little.  It’s just the right size for spare keys that I like to carry with me, but don’t want on my keyring all the time. And again, these little bits and pieces are so hard to find when you need them if they are left to float around inside the main bag compartment.

Internal zipped pocket

Contents of internal zipped pocket

And there’s these super-handy fold-up scissors too!

Fold-up scissors!

Two small open pockets

It is a gem of a handbag that gifts you with, not only a zipped inside pocket, but also two small open pockets on the other main internal wall off your handbag.  These pockets are gold. In one I put my “handbag holder” (this thing is one of the best inventions ever. It means your bag never has to sit on the dirty floor of a cafe).

Handbag holder

In the other little pocket I also keep my lipgloss – nice and handy.

Two internal handbag pockets

In the same open pocket I keep my hand sanitizer as well.  I always need this in a hurry (because if I am out to eat, I can’t wait 10 minutes to search my bag for it, I’m much too impatient for that).

The main compartment

The main compartment of my handbag needs to be able to fit this:

Handbag insert

This is a handbag insert I purchased and I’ve never looked back.  We all need one of these (I got mine from here – super cheap). I won’t list everything I can keep in it, but it just means that everything is easy to find and get to.  There’s a spot for my wipes (since having kids I still don’t leave home without them!), tissues, hand cream, emergency folded up shopping bag, etc.  It makes switching handbags over quick and easy if you need to. On top of this insert thing, I keep my purse so that it is easy for me to grab out of my handbag when I need it.

Purse in handbag

That’s it!  We’re done! Handbag tour with hacks over!

Closed handbag

So there you have my handbag hacks! What are some clever ways you use your handbag?

Trina xx

PS  You can read my previous post reviewing a Kate Hill bag over here.

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