Sometimes when we unpack clothes that have been stored for a while they can absorb the smell of moth balls.  Today I’m going to share with you how to rid your clothes of moth ball smell.

How to rid your clothes of moth ball smell

This week I washed a woolen jumper that had the moth ball smell (bad!).  I wrongly thought that giving it “a good wash” (ie a “Treen Clean”!) would get rid of the stink but as it hung up drying, the stink transferred to the whole room.  Everybody complained. It was pretty bad.

But I was not to be beaten by the moth ball stink. I did a bit of research and decided to try a couple of things.  I actually didn’t think they would work but I was willing to give them a go before ditching the stinky jumper.

Firstly, I let the jumper soak in the laundry trough in a solution of half cool water, half white vinegar. I only filled it up until it just covered the jumper.  It stayed soaking like this for a couple of hours. After about one hour, I came in and turned it over and gave it a bit of a squeeze to ensure the the vinegar was really getting it where it needed to be.

After around 2 hours, I put the soaking wet jumper into the washing machine and sprinkled it with about 1 cup of bi-carbonate of soda.  Then I ran a “woolen” wash cycle with detergent added to the dispenser as usual.

As I lifted the jumper from the machine after the wash cycle had completed, I was dubious.  I sniffed and could still smell the stink a bit.

I remained optimistic as I re-hung the jumper by the window.

Dry after washing with vinegar to get rid of moth ball smell

It is now the next day and the jumper has been drying over the heat vent and getting sunlight from the window.  It is nearly dry now and guess what?! No stink!  The moth ball smell is completely gone!

I am surprised!  I really didn’t think I would have much luck with this because it seemed a bit too easy – WOW!

If you come across stinky moth ball clothes, try this method of getting rid of it. Genius.

Trina xx

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How to rid your clothes of moth ball smell
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