Our first God-daughter is about to turn eighteen.

I really wanted to give her something special. Something she will use but also keep and treasure for a long time.

I cast my mind back to my younger days and tried to remember what I was given or what I would have liked to own. I think it was for my 21st that I was given a beautiful dark green leather satchel style overnight bag (mouthful!) from my Auntie and Uncle. This was such a great gift for me. I used it way back then in the olden days and I actually still use it now if we are just going away overnight. It’s still in perfect condition and I still really love it. (Thank you!) Maybe we could find our God-daughter something special like that?

So we went shopping…..and came home with this gorgeous thing that is almost as gorgeous as our God-daughter herself.

Kate Hill bag

Isn’t it beautiful?

Inside it is lined with the stunning Kate Hill lining and has a zipped pocket one side and two open pockets on the other side. A long strap is included you can attach if you want to hold it like that.

Outside there is a huge zipped pocket on the front which is quite a lovely feature, along with the elegant black bow. The back is plain which I like because I’m a great one for getting my clothes caught on zips.

There is a pocket on each outside end as well. These pockets have magnetic closures. Ideal for easy access to mobile phone and keys. Saves them being buried at the bottom of the main bag section.

Here is a view of the interior:

Inside bag

Plenty of room for clothes, pj’s and homework!!

This bag would actually be a great gift for a 21st. ….30th, 40th, or 50th! A real timeless piece.

I hope our God-daughter loves this bag and that it accompanies her on many exciting adventures.

Kate Hill bag

What could be improved : this bag has a plain base. Stoppers would be helpful to keep it cleaner and protect the material.

Trina xx

P.S. Gave it to her and she loved it! Think it was a hit.

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She’s turning eighteen
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One thought on “She’s turning eighteen

  • April 5, 2016 at 8:26 pm

    This is a gorgeous gift for your God-daughter. You put a lot of thought into this stylish bag.


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