I have just finished reading “Kisses from Katie” by Katie Davis. ¬†This book belongs to one of my daughters and she enjoyed it so I thought I’d read it too.

Kisses From Katie book review

I found “Kisses From Katie” to be so inspiring and easy to read.

Katie Davis

Katie is a young American woman from a comfortable ¬†home in Tennesee who feels an undeniable call to the people of Uganda. ¬†She feels God leading her to this place of poverty, sickness, death and devastating living conditions. Yet the people of Uganda capture Katie’s heart.

After Katie finishes High School, in December 2006, she embarks on a short trip to Uganda with her mother to volunteer in an orphanage. She falls in love with the children she encounters and finds it difficult to leave when her time is up. Once back in America, Katie quickly organises her return to Uganda.

As “Kisses From Katie” progresses, Katie tells of how she comes to live permanently in Uganda, establishes a charity called Amazima Ministries and adopts 14 little girls! ¬†Her house is chaotic, yet full of love and laughter. ¬†She nurses countless people back to health and in the process shows them Jesus. ¬†This is the part that means the most to Katie. ¬†Her Christian faith is at the forefront of everything she does. Through prayer and praise to God, Katie brings joy to people’s lives. She reads them the Bible and teaches them about the awesome love of God by showing them love like they have never experienced before. She also established a charity called Amazima to help fund her work with the children and families.

I wondered how Katie’s life is going now, as it has been over ten years since first embarking on her Ugandan journey. ¬†I found out that she is now married and has had a baby son. ¬†Her name is now Katie Major and you can read about her in her new blog over here.

I found Katie’s story so inspiring because she changed so many people’s lives at such a young age. ¬†At the age of eighteen, I would not have had the self-confidence to do what she did. I wouldn’t have had the courage or the faith. ¬†Faith that God knows best. ¬†God has my life in the palm of His hand and God will guide me to great things if I just let him. ¬†That’s what Katie did.

Trina xx

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“Kisses From Katie” by Katie Davis
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