Back in July last year I upgraded to a new phone.  After much research, I settled on the Oppo R9S.  Because I’ve had it for over six months now, I thought I would give you my Oppo mobile phone review.

I am a bit of an Android girl, I must admit.  Never really bought into the whole Apple thing.  There are a few reasons for this, but I’m not here to bag Apple today, I’m here to tell you what I think about my Oppo R9S phone.

Here is the unboxing!

Oppo R9S mobile phone review

Unboxing the new Oppo R9S mobile phone

When I did my mobile phone research, I had to think about what is important to me when selecting a phone.  Apart from being Android, the next most important criteria for me is the camera.  We were preparing for our Europe trip at the time and I wanted to take my photos on my new phone and not take a separate camera. (You can see our Europe adventures here: long haul flight survival, London, Dublin, Paris, Rome.)

Here are the Oppo R9S features that appealed to me:

  • 16MP Front Camera
  • VOOC Flash Charge Five Minutes Charging, Two Hours Talking Time
  • Fast, Accurate and Responsive with Upgraded Touch Access
  • Internal memory 64GB
  • Expandable memory up to 256GB (micro SD card) – NOTE: Apple phones don’t do this!
  • Rear camera MP 16Mp
  • Front camera MP 16MP

Of course the Opps R9S has many other features, but these are the ones that appealed to me.  The price for all these features was very reasonable compared to the equivalent Apple or even Samsung phones.  If you are considering purchasing a new Android phone and the features above are important to you, then I suggest you consider an Oppo phone.  There are other models of Oppo phones too.  If you want something more expensive but an even better phone, then the Oppo R11 is worth a look (its front and rear cameras are both 20Mp).

I bought a flip phone case with some slots for my cards.

Oppo R9S in flip phone case

The photos from our Europe trip turned out so clearly. Out of all the photos we took (the other members of my family had Apple phones), the Oppo R9S took the sharpest shots.

The display and layout of the phone itself is very similar to how an Apple phone looks. It responds fast, charges fast and holds its charge for days at a time. It has fingerprint recognition too.

Since July last year, all my blog post photos have been taken with my Oppo R9S and I take it everywhere! I hope my Oppo mobile phone review is helpful for you.

Trina xx

Note: This blog post is not sponsored.

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Oppo mobile phone review
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