Today we are doing something different. I’m going to take you around our winter garden! It is the middle of winter here in Australia and where we live (in the state of Victoria) the average temperature during the day is around 13 degress Celcius. Some nights the temperature drops to zero and we wake up to a frost, but most often the temperature drops to around 5 or 6 degrees Celcius. I know it’s nothing like having snow like lots of places in the world, but for us, this is cold!

Winter garden

When I think about our garden, I think that not much grows during the winter, but a walk around the yard during the week proved me wrong! We have plenty of lovely plants flowering at the moment, even though it is mid-winter here. I took some photos for you and did a bit of research so that I could tell you what the plants are (just in case you are wondering what they are called). Here is what I found!

Osteospermum (or purple daisy)

Purple Daisy



Hardenbergia violacea (or Happy Wanderer)

Happy Wanderer

Gastrolobium celsianum (or Swan River Pea)

Swan River Pea

Cotyledon orbiculata (or Pig’s Ear)

Pig's Ear

In our veggie patch: brussells sprouts and cos lettuce

Veggie Patch

Flowering rosemary


Savia involucrata “Timboon”

Salvia involucrata "Timboon"





Salvia leucantha santa barbara

Purple Salvia

Acacia pycnantha (or Golden Flowering Wattle)

Golden Wattle


Don’t think we don’t have weeds too! Our garden is lovely but it’s far from being weed-free. The weeds thrive here.


I hope you enjoyed our little tour of the garden in winter. I’ll try to remember to show you around again another day…maybe in the spring. The plants in our garden are all really hardy. They endure frosts in the winter and scorching heat in the summer. It is amazing how many plants flower in the middle of winter don’t you think?

Trina xx

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Our winter garden
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