I haven’t done a book review in a while. ¬†I have just finished reading “Past Secrets” by Cathy Kelly after it was recommended to me. ¬†This book is an older book, published in 2006. ¬†As usual, I’m slow off the mark! This is the first of Cathy Kelly’s books I have read. ¬†Will I read another one? ¬†Maybe……

Set in Ireland, “Past Secrets” is a story about a handful of characters who all live in Summer Street, and have been there for years and years. ¬†How well do you know your neighbours? These ladies all knew each other but not well….until their circumstances brought them together.

"Past Secrets" by Cathy Kelly

Each character in the book has her own story that runs alongside the others. ¬†It’s one of those books! The ladies do end up crossing paths as the stories evolve, which is good! ¬†Cathy Kelly doesn’t make us wait until the end to do this like some others I have read.

What did I enjoy about this book?: it was an easy read, and the characters had me intrigued.  Although diverse in age and life situations, I found the characters to be interesting and they all managed to suck me into their little life situations they had going on.  I also enjoyed the supporting characters who featured in the lives of the main characters.

What didn’t I enjoy about this book?: some aspects of the characters seemed hard to believe and so did some twists and turns in the plot. It was also a little clich`ed, particularly towards the end of the book.¬† I liked that this story is set in Ireland, although it really could have been anywhere. The Irishness wasn’t emphasised, which was disappointing.

Summer Street

There is an underlying message to “Past Secrets” and that is that secrets always catch up on you. The longer secrets of the past are kept, the more difficult they can make your life. When secrets do finally emerge, they can have devastating effects. ¬†They can also have healing and restoring effects. This book made me think about this.

Overall, I’m glad I read “Past Secrets” by Cathy Kelly. And I might even read another one of her books one day.

Trina xx

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“Past Secrets” by Cathy Kelly book review
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