When I saw this “Pork patties with apples & sweet potato mash” recipe in Woolworths “fresh” magazine and over here, I knew I just had to try it.  The picture made it look absolutely delicious.

Pork patties with apples & sweet potato mash

My only hesitation was the “pork” bit.  I love bacon but I’m not too keen on pork.  The smell of it cooking doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t like the taste either.  I contemplated making these rissoles out of plain beef mince instead, but I didn’t think the apples would go as well with the beef.  Pork and apples are friends, I know that much.

When I went shopping for the ingredients, I came across a compromise. I found beef & pork mince in a pack so I bought that.  It turned out that this was a great decision.  When the mince was cooking, I couldn’t smell the yucky pork smell, yet it went beautifully with the apples.

The addition of bacon in the patties makes them so delicious.  I added a tablespoon of dried parsley into the meat pattie mixture for added flavour.  Any herbs would go well in them really.

Another change I made to the recipe was that I used baby spinach leaves instead of sage leaves.  Yes, I know that they are not the same! I didn’t have sage and thought that the spinach wilted in with the apples as they finished cooking would add some green vegetables to the dish without affecting the taste. This worked really well.

This recipe is going on the “make it again!” list around here.  It would be a great one for visitors because the end product looked a lot like the picture in the magazine and on the website, don’t you think?

Anyway, make sure you click here and get the recipe.  Make it for your family.  It’s so good!

Trina xx

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Pork patties with apples & sweet potato mash
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