Our Book Club had this book, “Quicksand” by Steve Toltz, as next on the list.

I have just finished reading it and, quite frankly, will not be reading it again!

"Quicksand" by Steve Toltz

This book is about the disastrous life of a man called Aldo Benjamin and his best friend, Liam. Their friendship is very quirky and, in my opinion, is the best part about this book.

Liam is a struggling writer and decides to write a book about his friend Aldo.  He constantly writes down the weird things Aldo says for future use in his book. Aldo’s life is always providing good writing fodder for Liam as he moves from one disaster to the next.

Aldo wishes he could end his life, but even that doesn’t go well for him!

Personally, I found this book quite depressing to read. Going to bed at night and reading about a man’s constant misfortune hasn’t been the nicest way to end my days lately.  I was relieved when I had finished this book and was free to move on to reading something a little more cheery!

Another thing about this book that I struggled with was the over-use of words!!  I love books that are well-written and use words well but this book goes to the extreme. In it’s descriptions, usually voiced by Aldo, he goes on and on and on for over a page, talking rubbish! I found myself skim-reading these pages because it was just unnecessary that I waste by time reading all that. It didn’t add anything to the story.  I know the author was just showing Aldo’s personality, but I think that could have been achieved with just half a page of this nonsense talk. Does he seriously expect us to read every word?

I am not giving this book a rave review but this is just my personal opinion.  Maybe I’m too harsh.

You might like it!

If you have read this book and loved it, please tell me what you liked about this book.

Trina xx

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“Quicksand” by Steve Toltz – book review
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