I have recently found an excellent Meatless Monday (vegetarian/vegan) recipe that you might like too. We had this for dinner last Monday night and I made enough for two meals, so we are having it again this week.

When I served up this delicious Spaghetti Vegan-aise my family thought that it had beef mince in the sauce. It was only when I asked them how they liked it and I got weird looks (we eat spaghetti bolognese all the time, what’s the big deal Mum?” ….and I had to come clean. No meat in this one folks!

Vegan-aise pasta bake

I came across this ripper of a recipe in the latest “Woolworths Fresh” magazine thingie. It looked easy and the picture made it look yummy so that’s how it got on the menu here. I am keeping this Vegan-aise Sauce recipe and will bring it out of my bag of tricks regularly now I think! It’s a winner.

Here is a screenshot of the recipe, but actual website can be found if you click HERE:

Woolworths Fresh Vegan-aise Sauce

Spaghetti vegan-aise

The mushrooms in this recipe make it “meaty”. Sounds awful but I think that’s what the secret is. Processing the veggies in the food processor also seemed to make the sauce really substantial. For once, I followed the recipe exactly but you could add in all sorts of vegetables and herbs. Whatever is in your fridge will work. Next time I’d like to add capsicum and broccoli stem. Lots of wiggle room for hiding veggies from the fussy eaters. When you use the food processor it’s really hard to pick out the bits you don’t like!

I love recipes with only two steps! I encourage you to try this easy pasta recipe. Of course you can use any kind of pasta for this, even rice will work well. I used Penne pasta this time. For the first night we ate the sauce over the cooked Penne pasta. Then I mixed the leftover pasta and sauce together and froze it. So this week I thawed it out and put it in a baking dish covered with cheese. Baked for around 30 mins (moderate oven). So easy and yum!

Let me know if your family can be fooled by this deceptive Meatless Monday dish!

Trina xx

PS Find my meat version of bolognese sauce over HERE.


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Spaghetti Vegan-aise
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