Sticky Sausages are good!…. for dinner or finger food at a party.  These ones are ultra-simple and I make them when I don’t have much time. It’s a thrifty meal idea and you can make heaps if you need to.

Tonight I made a big batch of Sticky Sausages – some for tonight’s dinner and some to freeze.

This recipe is from “Nigella Express” (page 322).  Nigella calls them “Cocktail Sausages”.  Basically you just put your sausages in a greased tray.  You can use cocktail sausages like Nigella or just cut up normal sausages like I did tonight. Make up a mixture of sesame oil, honey and soy sauce and smother the sausages with the sauce.

Place in a hot oven for 30 minutes and mix the sausages around in the sauce a few times during this time. By the end,  the sauce goes all thick and gooey in the corners of the tray so these are the bits that you scoop over the sausages each time you give them a turn. You have to leave them in the oven for at least the 30 minutes to ensure that the sauce goes thick and sticky, otherwise it’s too runny.

Sticky sausages in tray

Tonight we had these Sticky Sausages with mashed potato and sweet potato (boiled and mashed together), brocolli and carrots. A super simple meal – the kids will love it! Couscous, quinoa or salad would also go well with these Sticky Sausages. For a party you could use them as finger food, just stab with toothpicks and have a dipping sauce on the side if you like.

Sticky sausages

You can get the recipe from the Nigella Express book, or over here.

I wish these sausages were even stickier.  How do you make them more sticky?

Let me know if you make these, especially if you know any stickiness secrets!

Trina xx

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Sticky sausages
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