Today’s post is about those dreaded jobs. ¬†You know the ones. They bug you every day and you ignore them. ¬†Well, that’s what happens to me. ¬†I notice lots of painful tasks that need to be done around the house and I think “Must do that one of these days”.

Well, there was a day during these last school holidays that I thought “I’m going to do that today”. I Treen cleaned three of those dreaded jobs in one day. ¬†They didn’t take as long as I thought they would. ¬†Now they are done! ¬†There are still many more of those dreaded jobs on my mental list. ¬†I will get around to those next time.

The first job I tackled was to clean the exhaust fan in our ensuite. ¬†Every morning I look at it. ¬†It’s so dusty and disgusting.

This job was the quickest dreaded job to tackle. ¬†I simply put a small step ladded into the shower (I didn’t show this bit because it looked dangerous! – definitely approach with care!). ¬†I was then able to twist the exhaust fan cover and it came off very easily. ¬†Always close your mouth when you do this as some dust falls down (I’ve learnt this from experience!!).

I took the cover to the laundry sink and simply rinsed it off with hot water. A soft cloth is handy to wipe away anything stubborn and to get into any tight spots. ¬†It also makes me feel like I’m doing it properly!

Cleaning exhaust fan

The cover gets a wipe dry and simply put back into place above the shower.  I think this job took me about 3 minutes (including taking the photos for you) and has bugged me for about 6 months.  Must try to do it more regularly.

The second job on the list was to clean my makeup brushes. ¬†Once again, I think about this every morning as I get ready for the day, but it seems like a big job. ¬†It’s not though! ¬†I only use 2 makeup brushes regularly. ¬†One is for my mineral powder foundation, and the other one is for contouring and blush ( I know the makeup police won’t approve of me using one brush for two jobs, but….oh well).

To clean my makeup brushes, I follow the instructions from over here, which is to simply pour a small amount of olive oil and dish soap in a bowl.  Mix them together using your wet makeup brush and the brush will become clean.  I then rinse the brush in warm water until the water runs clear.  Leave to dry on a piece of paper towel for the day.  They feel so lovely when they are clean.  Another job I should do more often. Again, it only took a few minutes to do.

Clean makeup brushes

After all that, I took on the king of the most dreaded jobs:  cleaning the rangehood filters in the kitchen.  Uugghh!

They were greasy and clogged up a bit, so while I was on a roll with those dreaded jobs I decided this was a huge contender. I filled the kitchen sink with hot water, dish soap and a bit of bi carb soda. See a tutorial over here. My filters are very long and won’t fit in the sink properly so leaving them to soak doesn’t work unfortunately. ¬†I just took a brush and a cloth and gave them a scrub. ¬†They came up nice and clean (doesn’t show up very well in photos). ¬†I dried them the best I could (left them to drain in the empty sink for a while). Then I put them back into place. ¬†All done! ¬†This job took the longest. ¬†I spent about 30 minutes mucking around with this.

Clean the rangehood

So in under an hour I had completed 3 of those dreaded jobs. Wow! Put on the coffee machine now. Time to relax.

There are lots more jobs to do and these dreaded jobs will need to be done again (soon!), but for now I can concentrate on something else!

What dreaded jobs need to be Treen cleaned at your place?  Maybe today is the day to knock off a couple of them!

Trina xx

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Those Dreaded Jobs
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2 thoughts on “Those Dreaded Jobs

  • July 15, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    I am a huge fan of putting things in the dishwasher to clean them! I do it with both the exhaust fan cover and the range hood filters. But of course, they have to fit! Another annoying one is the vents for the evaporative cooling – there’s so many of them! That’s another one for the dishwasher though. The bathroom basin drain is another dreaded job for me – it’s one of the push in plugs, so you can’t see it, but once it doesn’t drain properly anymore, you know it needs a clean.

    • July 15, 2017 at 9:31 pm

      I wish my rangehood filters fit in the dishwasher! I did think of it. I also thought of the bath. I could have soaked them in the bath. I just didn’t want to have to clean the bath then!!


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