Hello friends! ┬áDo you need some meal planning inspiration? This week I didn’t have much time to meal plan so I thought I would use the recipes I knew my family loved – I used my blog! Usually I like to try at least one new recipe each week, but this week I didn’t have time to search Pinterest or my recipe books for something new. ┬áSo I put together the TMH weekly menu 1. ┬áThis is a set of dinner recipes that I can reuse down the track when I need a quick meal plan. ┬áThe recipes are easy to find!

So because I was putting together the TMH weekly menu 1, I thought you might like it to keep up your sleeve too.

Here is my written meal plan for this week. ┬áNote that I have included Meatless Monday and when Dr TMH was not going to be home for dinner. ┬áI don’t meal plan for weekend dinners and our Friday night dinner is very simple, as you can see, and straight from the freezer (but I will cook veggies to go with it).

TMH weekly menu 1

The list below are links for you to my blog posts about these meals.  The blog post will either give you my recipe or refer you to where I got that recipe from. Happy meal planning!

Meatless Monday: Leek and Barley Risotto

Tuesday: Sticky sausages with mashed potato and veggies

Wednesday: Spaghetti bolognese

Thursday: Pork (used chicken mince instead this time) patties with apple and sweet potato mash

Friday: Chicken schnitzels (from the freezer) with veggies – no recipe for this one!

Not sure if I will get around to making any extras.  This is where I list any cakes, muffins or slices that I make during the week for lunchbox treats or to have on hand as snacks.  I write them down here so that I can note where I got the recipe from and what it was that I made.

TMH weekly menu 1 recipe list

I hope this selection of recipes will help you with your meal planning.  Use it when you need some inspiration or just pinch one or two for your menu.

If you want to see my blog post about how I meal plan, you can find it over here.

Hope you are having a great week.

Trina xx

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TMH weekly menu 1
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