When our first daughter was around 18 months old, I realised that we were drowning in toys.  We needed some serious toy organisation. I solved this by moving house…..to a place with more cupboards! I’m not joking.

We did move to a bigger house, with more storage and more space for kids to play.  One week after moving into that bigger house, my second daughter was born, and more toys arrived! We had a designated space in the lounge for all the toys and stored them in plastic tubs.  So we had the lego tub, the Barbie tub, the musical instrument tub, you get the idea.  While the girls were little and playing with these toys at home every day, we had all the tubs stacked up (not too high of course) ready to drag out.  This form of toy organisation is so simple, yet so effective.

Toy cupboard

The beauty of organising the toys in this way was that every toy had a place to go at “pack up time”. It was easy for the children to pack up their toys on their own and it stopped the toys being strewn all over the house.  When we were finished with the train set stuff, we simply packed it up before we got out the baby dolls. Often we had multiple tubs out at once, and there was a cross over in the play. Games like the little people from the dolls house wanted to drive around in the Matchbox cars, so we had to get out both of those tubs, but it was still very easy to pack up at the end.

There is a balance between not stifling their play with too many restrictions, yet not turning the house into a junk pile (how painful it is when you step on small toys like lego and cars!).Toy organisation

Hot Tip:

With this genius tub form of toy organisation, there is a bonus advantage: you and your children will discover that it’s much easier to find things. Actually, it is likely to dramatically cut down the whole “Mum, where’s my…” situation. Bring it on!

Now that our girls are not playing with the toys anymore, we did send quite a bit to the Opportunity Shop. However, we do still have friends with younger children and it’s nice to be able to offer a selection of toys for them to play with when they come to visit, so I’ve kept quite a lot! I’ve stacked up the tubs in an upstairs cupboard and when we know that we are having young children coming over, we choose a few tubs based on their age and interests and bring them downstairs ready for play.  It’s good to be able to provide a bit of variety for visiting kids and still be able to pack it away easily at the end.

What are your toy storage tips?

Trina xx

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