I usually Treen clean my oven about once a year.  For some reason I end up doing it on a stinking hot day just before Christmas.  Well, not this year! Today was the day.  It’s a freezing cold day in July and I have been looking at this dirty oven for far too long.

Dirty oven

In the past, I have cleaned my oven with a toxic oven cleaner spray.  The results were always good (despite the toxic gases!) using the oven spray but last year we got a new oven that has pyrolytic panels on the sides of the oven that are supposed to absorb all the cooking splatters and self clean once it gets to a high temperature.  You are not supposed to wipe these panels with anything wet.  So my method of cleaning the oven needed to change.

This is what I did: First I put on my rubber gloves.

I made up a spray: bit of dishwashing liquid, 1 cup of vinegar and filled up the spray bottle with water. I used this spray along with bicarbonate of soda.

Then I opened the oven door and removed all the racks and trays.

I sprayed the trays and racks with the spray, then sprinkled some bicarb soda over them. The bicarb soda makes it fizz….it’s killing grime.

Cleaning oven racks and trays

I sprayed the oven door and sprinkled bicard soda over it, being very careful not to spray into the oven and get the pyrolytic panels wet.

cleaning oven door

Now for the elbow grease part:  This was the same for me as when I used the toxic oven spray.  I still needed to scrub those racks with a steelo wool thing, each bar individually.  Every time I do this I hope that I will just gently wipe and the marks will just come off, but NO!  I always have to scrub each bar of the racks.  Grrr! The trays weren’t as bad.  They cleaned up very easily.

Cleaning racks

After the racks and trays, I returned to the task of cleaning the oven door.  I wiped away the bicarb soda and spray that I used.  Some marks were gone straight away, but the rest needed a good scrub. More elbow grease required.

In the oven itself, I carefully wiped the bottom out but this was quite clean because I always keep a black tray on the bottom to catch any drips.  It is much easier to remove the tray and clean it than try to scrub the bottom of the oven out (especially when you need to avoid wetting the sides).

So here it is.

Clean oven



My nice clean oven.  I know it won’t last and every time I do this I promise myself that I will clean it more regularly…….

Do you have any tips that work to keep your oven clean? I’m all ears!

Trina xx

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Treen clean your oven
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