Yes, that’s right, let’s Treen clean your stainless steel appliances. In our kitchen we have a stainless steel dishwasher and parts of the oven door (not the glass obviously!).  These stainless steel appliances end up covered in finger prints and other marks with day-to-day use.  I always try to clean them by wiping with soap and water.  This leaves streaks!  I then end up with wet looking marks on the stainless steel. It doesn’t look good.

Marks on dishwasher

More marks on dishwasher

Dishwasher with marks

Time to do something about this and make my appliances clean and streak free.  Time to give them a “Treen Clean”! I didn’t want to have to purchase a special cleaning product just for this purpose though.  No way. How can I achieve beautiful results using something I have in my pantry all the time?

The research process has taken me quite some time.  There had to be a good solution out there.

Yes, there is!! Here’s where I found it.

It was very difficult to get decent photos for you that show the marks and then the difference once cleaned.  I hope you can tell how shiny and sparkly the dishwasher looked at the end.  In real life there was a dramatic difference.

Shiny dishwasher

Clean & shiny dishwasher

Streak free dishwasher

Here’s What You Do

Get out your bottle of Olive Oil.  I just had the regular kind, but I’m pretty sure you could use Virgin or Extra Virgin Olive Oil too.

Now get out your paper towel.  Rip off two sheets (one would do the trick but the extra thickness is my preference).

Dab some olive oil onto the paper towel.

Now wipe the stainless steel appliance and rub the patches that have the worst marks.  Go over the entire area rubbing with the olive oil on paper towel. Now you are done! Your stainless steel appliance should be clean and shiny.

Olive oil & paper towel

This only took me about one minute to do my dishwasher door. It has come up beautifully.

I really recommend you try this method of shining your stainless steel appliances.  Give them a Treen Clean today!

Trina xx

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Treen Clean your Stainless Steel Appliances
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