This blog post might be worth reading! I’m going to share with you some of my Handy Hints. You might just find a game-changer in here.

Trina’s Handy Hints might be all things that you always do already and if that is the case, then a big high-five to you from me! Or, you might scan through the list below and it will be confirmed for you that I am a bit crazy. Either way, thanks for reading this post.

Here’s today’s list of Trina’s Handy Hints:

1. Use Baking Paper in the Work Sandwich Press.

I’ve listed my best tip straight up. This is a game-changer at work. Work kitchen areas are usually pretty disgusting and once word gets out, all the mice in town come and join the party. For some reason, staff don’t like to clean the work kitchen area and wiping up after yourself becomes a foreign concept. Enter: Baking Paper! The rule is that everyone wraps their sandwich in baking paper and then you toast it in the sandwich press. Then nobody has to clean any mess and there is nothing around for the mice to eat. Try it!

Baking paper in sandwich press

2. Make Lists.

I love lists. This blog post is a list. If I make a to-do list I feel a huge sense of achievement as I cross things off. Writing a list can help clean your brain. Then you don’t need to store it in there anymore – and you are less likely to forget things.

My favourite lists are to-do lists, meal planning lists (see how I meal plan over here) and grocery lists (always write in rough order of supermarket shelving layout of your store. This makes your grocery shopping more efficient.).

Sitting down to menu plan

I also make a list of gifts for family and friends. Read about that over here.

3. Keep a microfiber cloth in your car.

I keep a microfiber cloth in the driver’s door of my car. My daughters are busy teenagers and I am always driving them places. Often when I pick them up from somewhere, I end up waiting for a few minutes in the car. Instead of wasting time on my phone, I pick up that microfiber cloth and wipe down the dash, the steering wheel, the knobs and display screen, basically anything in my reach. This keeps my car a little bit shiny on the inside!

4. Use laundry bags.

Cloth laundry bags are my friends. I keep a pile of them in the cupboard next to the washing machine. As I load the washing machine I can place necessary items in the laundry bags. They are great for lingerie, woolens, pantyhose (no more tangled legs!) and anything delicate. Then I simply throw these items in the washing machine and when they come out they have been carefully washed, as though I had hand-washed them. They also help prevent pilling and stretching of garments. I have these laundry bags in different sizes. Large ones are great for woolen jumpers.

5. Keep track of what’s in your freezer.

This is harder to do than it sounds. The freezer gets so full sometimes and things at the back tend to stay at the back….sometimes for a very long time! Keeping track of what’s in the freezer will save you time and money. I used to keep a bit of a list but these days I use an app. Read about the app and my freezer hacks over here.

Items in my Freezer App

6. Put your pj’s in you bed with your electric blanket on – in Winter!

I don’t think I really need to explain this one. Just do it about an hour before you are ready to wear your pj’s and you will understand how great warm pyjamas feel.

7. Schedule time in your day to do something you love.

Our lives are so busy and it can be easy to flit from one thing to the next and then get to the end of another day feeling exhausted and drained. Doing something you love doesn’t have to take a long time (but it can if you want it to!). Little things like listening to your favourite song, putting on some delicious hand cream, making a cup of tea, having a bath or ringing a friend are all ideas that can help make your ordinary day a little bit special. Make a list of things you love!

Well friends, I hope you found a nugget in amongst Trina’s Handy Hints! Let me know if you have a game-changer that I need to know about!

Trina xx

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