Have you ever heard of “zone cleaning”? I’ve known about it for years but it has never really been my thing until recently. In the past I have just tackled tasks other than my weekly cleaning items as I find them (and am disgusted with myself for how yuck I’ve let it become).

Well, it’s time to be a bit more deliberate about those extra jobs (because I really don’t get to them otherwise).

Let me tell you about “zone cleaning” and how this system is helping me.

Zone cleaning

Zone Cleaning

I originally learned about zone cleaning many years ago from over here, at the Flylady website.

Basically, you just divide your house up into logical sections or zones. Make a list of all the cleaning and decluttering jobs you can do in each zone. This part is very individual and depends on the size and layout of you house or apartment. Once you have the lists, you simply concentrate on just one zone each week. Set your timer for 15 minutes each day and do just one or two jobs from that list each time. Over the course of the week you should have thoroughly cleaned that section of the house. The following week you move on to the next zone of the house. Once each zone of your house is done (will take me 8 weeks because I have divided my house into 8 zones), then you start again. Once you have done it the first time, each time after that is easy because it only has 8 week’s worth of dust and dirt to clean from it (not around 7 year’s worth like it was the first time I did mine!).

The FlyLady even has a PDF file listing each job for each of her zones. You can download it to print out and read for yourself from here.

Here is another great resource for you: Jen, from How Jen Does It, also does zone cleaning. You can find links to her YouTube videos about zone cleaning here.

My Zones

Here is a list of the zones I have divided my house into:

Zone 1

Front porch, entry hallway and staircase.

Zone 2

Study and lounge rooms.

Zone 3

Laundry and pantry.

Zone 4


Zone 5

Dining room and living area

Zone 6

Master bedroom + ensuite

Zone 7

Family bathroom + linen closet

Zone 8

Other bedrooms


This section includes things I know need frequent cleaning but I slot them in willy-nilly.

These items include:

-clean the car

-wipe tv remote controls

-wipe phones + tablets

-empty ducted vacuum canister


In each zone it is pretty easy to figure out what goes on the list. Things like decluttering, then dusting and wiping down doors, doorknobs, skirting boards, light switches, windows, etc. Obviously in the kitchen I include cleaning out the fridge, wiping out the oven, cleaning under the kitchen sink, etc. These are all jobs I hate doing but by doing them regularly they are not the big job they seem to be and they don’t take long to knock out.

Zone Cleaning Kit

To make zone cleaning super easy, I have set aside a little zone cleaning kit.

Item 1. In an old cleaning spray bottle I make up a solution of 1/3 white vinegar, 2/3 water + squirt of dishwash liquid.

Item 2. A microfibre cloth to do all the wiping down.

Item 3. A small old towel (or two!) to dry off surfaces (if I need to replace items on a shelf after cleaning I dry it off first).


Give this system of cleaning the extras a go. It is currently working really well for me (maybe it’s also because I love lists so much!).

Let me know how you go!

Trina xx


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Zone cleaning – everything you need to know
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2 thoughts on “Zone cleaning – everything you need to know

  • July 26, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    Love zone cleaning!! I also use an app called Home Routines, so I have an actual list to tick off!

    • July 26, 2018 at 6:51 pm

      I will have to check that app out!


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